“The joy and sense of self pride crossing the finish line with a new PB, knowing I had done the hard work & followed my training plan, is a feeling I’ll never forget”

Simon Linklater – Owner of

Follow the advice from runners & coaches to improve your running!

Step 1 - SET A GOAL

The first step to improving your running is set yourself a goal. This will keep you motivated and lay the foundations for creating your own plan. Your goal is personal to you and can be as small or ambitious as you like.

“Set your goals high. Anything is possible, you’d be amazed at what your body can do.”

Nina LambrouAchieved her goal of running the SDW 100 in 2019

“An absolute game changer for me. I’ve achieved things I never thought were possible just a few years ago. Setting a goal is the first step to improving your running and boy does crossing the finish line with a new PB feel fantastic.”

Simon LinklaterOwner of Currently on my 9th training plan, looking to know 1 hour off my marathon PB


Choose a race to enter or set a date for when you want to achieve your goal by. This will allow you to devise your training plan and also keep you focused and motivated to complete the sessions set. Check out our race database, created exclusively by our runners.


It’s now time to create your training plan. Using the tips from our runners, we offer advice on how to create your own training plan. Alternatively you can search our training plan database, all of which have been completed by one of our runners. The third option is to find a running coach to help create a plan for you. It’s also important to be prepared with the right gear. Our runners share reviews of the best running gear on the market.

Step 4 TRAIN

The planning stage is over. Now is the time to train and start ticking off the sessions. Follow some of our runners to see how they train to pick up useful tips on the different types of training you can do. 


Read tips from our runners on how to prepare for your race on the day itself. No matter how well the training has gone, it can go wrong on race day. Follow our runners tips and give yourself the best possibly chance of achieving your goals.

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