Welcome to RunnuR

Running has changed my life. It has made me heaps of new friends, improved my self esteem and taught me that anything is possible.

I wanted to create a website that could help other runners have the same experiences I’ve had. From the joys of new a PB to the delights of a gentle recovery run with friends.

I’ll showcase how runners have been smart with their training to achieve their goals. I’ll write honest reviews of races I’ve ran, products I’ve purchased and books I’ve read.

Over the next few years I hope to gain some coaching experience so I can offer runners advice on their training.

But for now I’m just enjoying the journey. And boy is it fun.

Simon Linklater. Owner of RunnurUK

Track Sessions

Track sessions are great for improving your speed and can be very sociable. 1 speed session a week is vital to improve. I love track!!


Pudding Dash

Mud, mud and more mud. Plus lots of santa hats. It took all of 10 yards before I trod in a deep puddle and my foot was soaked. But I loved it.


Higherstate Jacket

My favourite running clothing purchase ever. Sometimes I even forget that it’s pissing down with rain when wearing this bad boy.


80/20 Running

Book Review

The title tells you everything. Run 80% of your runs at a slow or steady pace. It’s proven to give the best results. Don’t believe it? Read the book!


Social Runnur

Running with Sarah


Helping my sister get back into running. A few reps around the park on a lovely Spring morning.

Double Run Day


Double Run Day to end a record training week of 88.2km. Used a mentronome for the first time.

parkrun dancers


Messing around with my new GoPro and given some good content by a few of my running friends.