Brighton Half Marathon


My first race of 2020 and a new half marathon PB. For the 3rd week running we had another storm hit the UK. Storm Ellen. 🤬🤬

It meant winds gusting up to 50mph and on the exposed Brighton seafront it felt like I was running backwards.

But the support was great and the organisers did a sound job.

  • Date: 23rd Feb 2020

  • Start: Madeira Drive

  • Cost:  £37

  • Terrain:  Flat Road

  • Elevation: 71 meters

Pace (per km)

Brighton Half Marathon Review

Written by Simon Linklater – Sunday 23rd February 2020

**** off Ellen!!! It’s been a while since I muttered that obscenity. 12 years in fact since my first long term relationship came to an end.  Cue the violins.

But this weekend she was back, to ruin my attempt at a quick half marathon. For a third consecutive weekend, winds strong enough to warrant a nametag (#StormEllen) swept across our small island.  Seriously?  **** off already!!

My alarm went off at 5.45am, waking me from my dream of the World ending from a nuclear attack (my mind is warped). I was out the door by 6.30am and trudged up the country lane to meet my lift, praying Ellen wasn’t going to dump one of the swaying trees right on my noggin.

90 minutes later and via the Park and Ride we found ourselves at the start line, freezing our tits off, with still over an hour until the race started. A laboured warm up, a few dynamic stretches, the most challenging of which involved climbing over the safety barrier to get into my starting pen, and I was ready to go.

Credit to the organisers. You have to feel a tad sorry for them with the weather we had, but from my point of view, apart from dodging a few flying polystyrene cups, everything ran smoothly. The first 4km was down wind, I was cruising. The course was tight in places. At one point I squeezed past a couple only to be forced to slow down immediately. The bloke behind then rather aggressively moaned “don’t overtake me and stop”. To which I replied “pipe down dickhead, firstly I didn’t stop, the person in front of me held me up and secondly if you wanted a clear run, don’t enter a half marathon with 8,000 runners you complete bellend”. Obviously I didn’t say that, but I wish I had.

The hard work began when we turned back into the wind. It was a real slog heading west along the seafront and the turnaround point didn’t come for another 10k. There was some rest bite as we headed inland a few times.

I found it hard going and was being passed by quite a lot of runners. If there’s one thing I feel I could have done better it was my mindset when running into the wind. I was too quick to tell myself “this is tough”. What I should have said was “this is hard, but you can do it”. 

I’m pleased with my time though. How can you not be happy with a PB? Given the conditions it was a decent effort. Taking a mid race selfie, high fiving every little kid I saw and making sure I put my cups in the recycling bins didn’t help, but hey, it’s not all about your time.

Despite the conditions the support was excellent. Thank you to all the nutters who braved the weather, including the drummers (I F*****G love the drummers). The medal is awesome. One of the best I’ve received. I’m super proud of my running friends Manami and Susan who absolutely smashed it. I think the organisers need to start requesting proof of their birth certificates.

After what seemed the longest bus journey ever, 50 minutes to get back to the park and ride, our designated driver Sarah, who also ran a very good time, got us home safely.

So that’s the first race of 2020 completed. A PB to boot and possibly the strongest wind I will ever run in. Roll on the next one.

Kew Gardens 10K

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Stunning location.
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Rye Summer Series 10K

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I call them boring.
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What’s boring about that?


A challenge route!
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Great atmosphere & well attended.
Medals were s**t