Ethan Hodges

About Ethan

When Ethan first rocked up at the Hastings Runners track session he started on the same mark as me.

Since then he’s gone on to become one of the finest runners in the town by training smart and working hard.

His 5K PB has gone from 19.35 down to an impressive 16.06. For 10k he’s improved from 41.29 to 36.20.

  • Club:  Hastings AC/St Mary’s Uni

  • Status: Runner

  • Age: U20

  • Shoes: Nike LT4/Zoom Streak 6

5 Kilometers
5 Miles
10 Kilometers
10 Miles
Half Marathon

Current Goal

Run a Sub 16 minute 5K


About Ethan’s Training

Ethan introduced a training schedule in early 2018. At the time his 5K PB was 19.35 and his 10K PB was 41.29.

By training smarter he’s improved those times significantly and his PB’s are now 16.06 and 36.20.

He run 8 times a week, 1 long run (90 minutes), 3 speed sessions, 2 steady runs and 2 easy runs. His weekly target is around 55-60 miles. He hopes to break 16 minutes for 5K before August 2020.


  • Runs: 8

  • Miles: 55-60

  • Speed Sessions: 3

  • Steady/Easy Runs: 4

  • Long Run: 90 mins

Example Week

Monday 50 Minutes steady run
Tuesday AM – 30 Minutes easy
PM – 27 – 31 Minutes of Interval’s (Recovery between 2mins and 90secs between reps) Example session (3x2min, 5mins, 3x2min, 4min, 3x2min)
Wednesday 50 Minutes steady run
Thursday AM – 30 Minutes easy
PM – 27 – 31 Minutes of tempo effort reps (Recovery between 2mins – 90secs between reps) Example Session (7.5min, 2.5min, 5min, 2.5min 5min, 2.5min, 4x30sec) Longer reps than the interval session.
Friday – REST
Saturday – 10 Minute Tempo effort followed by Hill reps (6-8 reps of 400m + 4-6 reps of 250m)
Sunday – 90 Minute long run easy

Effort Levels

Easy – should be able to hold conversation, usually not looking at pace on watch, just running to feel.

Steady – Between easy and tempo, should still feel like you could continue at the end of the run

Tempo – Honest effort, should be able to string a couple words together

Rest days allows adaptations to occur and helps the body repair and recover.

Running for time instead of distance to see improvement, can see longer distance ran in the same amount of time

Twice a week, Core and resistance band exercises for maintenance and strengthen endurance. Also a group session for an hour on Sunday involving medicine ball exercises and glute exercises.