Higher State Trail Jacket

  • Product: Jacket

  • Brand: Higher State

  • Model: Waterproof Trail Jacket

  • Cost: £39.99

  • Reviewed by: Simon Linklater

  • Summary: My favourite running top bar none for the winter months. Keeps me super warm on those cold winter days and keeps the rain off. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes to run in all weathers.

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Review Score 5.0

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The rain is hammering against my flat window. It’s pitch black. Even indoors it’s cold. Shall I go running tonight? I turn my head and see my Higher State Trail Jacket hanging from the bedroom door and suddenly I raise a smile. Track here I come.

I love this jacket. It’s one of the favourite things I have ever bought. In the past, any chance of rain, or a wind stronger than 10mph and I would have wimped out, made myself a hot water bottle, climbed into my onesie and remained flat bound for the rest of the day.

But the “Old Simon” is long gone. Now I reach for my higherstate jacket, tighten the hood straps and off I go. Rain? Wind? Nae Bother.

Mountain Hood

With adjustable toggles increasing the jackets ability to protect you against the elements.


Into its own pocket and can be strapped tight around your waist using the bungee cord.

Reflective Details

Increase visibility during low level lighting.

£39.99 I paid for this jacket. I’m still shaking my head at how cheap this seems. I feel like I’ve got my monies worth already. I would add it can get rather warm inside though. I wore it out for a steady 10 miler when it was raining and about 10 degrees. It did a great job at keeping the rain off, but my T-shirt was soaked with sweat (gross).

I’ve only just become aware that you if you do get too warm or the rain subsides (unlikely here in the UK), then you can actual pack the coat into the pocket at the rear and fasten it around your waste. Who comes up with this sh*t? #GENIUS

If you want to run in all weathers and get the important miles done in the cold, wet, winter months, then I highly recommend this jacket. Don’t be like the “Old Simon”, you’re better than that, man up, stick on your jacket and get out in the rain.

Obviously go for the Black & Orange design.


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