Simon Linklater

Training Plan 3

I executed this plan to perfection. Over 12 weeks, despite some poor winter weather I didn’t miss a single run.

I was rewarded for my efforts, twice achieving my goal of running a 5K PB. In fact I ran my 3 quickest 5km races in the space of 7 weeks.

This feels like a big step forward for me and I’ve learned from previous mistakes.

  • The Goal:  Run a 5K PB (Sub 23.30)

  • Weeks: 12

  • Runs Per Week: 4.83

  • Distance Per Week: 66.3k (41.2m)

  • Total Distance: 793k (493.9m)

  • Status: Success

Beckley 10K
Hastings parkrun
Hastings Runners 5k
Hastings parkrun

The Journey

Absolutely buzzing and feeling so proud of myself. 12 weeks, 795km of running and twice I achieved my goal of running a 5k PB. Ok so my non-running dickhead of a brother still rocked up at parkrun and beat me, but so what, I achieved my goal and it felt amazing.

I executed this plan to perfection. I didn’t miss a single training run. I was able to join in with plenty of club runs, so rarely did I run alone, which for me is very important. Friendship is the main reason why I run.

I sprinted past Ash at the Beckley 10K. I was perfectly paced by King Ken to my parkrun PB and at one stage I even ran 100km in the space of 7 days. From being unable to break 30 minutes for 5K 12 months ago, I’ve turned it around. No one else. Lanky old me. I’ve put the work in and I’ve got the rewards. It really is that simple.

I continue to meet new people threw running and be inspired by each and other one of you that lace up and take to the roads or trails in this winter weather. I can’t wait to get stuck into my next plan and keep improving. I will also be taking my Run Leaders course in a few weeks and coaching on a regular basis with Hastings Runners. Feel free to ask any questions.

Example Week

Mon: Track – Short HARD Reps to work on speed
Tue: Rest Day
Wed: Long Run (25 – 30km) EASY pace
Thu: Rest Day
Fri: Recovery Run – EASY pace (8-10km)
Sat: 5k Efforts – HARD
Sun: 10 Miler – EASY pace

Lessons Learned

  • Stick to your plan even if you achieve your goal before the end

  • I’ve learned that I can produce some of my best performances at the end of a long training week.

  • If you are attempting a PB then try and get a friend or running colleague to pace you. This encouragement could make all the difference and will ensure you don’t go off too quickly or too slowly.

  • Leave gaps between your PB attempts. The chances of improving significantly from one week to the next are unlikely. 4 or 5 weeks of training should be enough to improve your previous times.

  • Keep the long slow runs at an easy pace. It makes it easier to push yourself in the efforts sessions if you know you can run an easy pace the following day.

Producing a sprint finish at the Beckley 10K.