Simon Linklater

Training Plan 5? #CompleteditMate


That was my finishing position for the 2018 Worthing 10K. I ran it in a time of 1 hour, 7 minutes and 9 seconds. 3 days later I finished 68th out of 69 Hastings Runners in the Alan Corke 10K. My time? 1 hour 15 minutes.

I was struggling with my running at the time #NoShitSherlock. But two years on, I now look back and my underlying emotion is one of pride.

  • The Goal:  10K @ 180 Cadence

  • Weeks: 12

  • Runs Per Week: 4.58

  • Distance Per Week: 69.86k (43.4m)

  • Total Distance: 838.4k (521m)

  • Status: Success

10K PB

I’m proud I didn’t give up.

I’m proud I entered those races.

I’m proud of doing press ups just before the finish line of the Alan Corke #nobhead

This week I’ve felt that sense of pride on an even bigger scale. I’ve concluded my 5th Training Plan and I ran PB’s at 5K (20:27) and 10K (45:23). These are unofficial due to the current situation, but they are times I never imagined I could produce.

I’m grateful for those of you that have offered support and words of kindness. Whether it be the last few months, since I’ve started to run well, or back in 2018 when I wasn’t in such a great place.

The reason I chose to take my running more seriously, is to try and motivate others. It’s not just about running better times. There are so many more benefits. Running with friends, spending time out in the open along our beautiful coastline, in the park or up and down Cottage Lane (a lot). But ultimately the sense of self worth that comes with achieving your goals is huge.

What next?

Well to keep improving I need to push myself a little harder than my last training block. I really don’t think increasing my mileage at the moment is the way to go. So I’ll keep working on my cadence in the hope I can run 5k at 190. I’m going to introduce some more strength work to compliment my running. There are also some drills I would like to start doing, in the hope I can increase my stride length. Hopefully that will see my 10K and 5K times continue to improve over the next 3 months.

If anyone is keen to improve their running, I would love to try and help. There are far more experienced and knowledgeable people out there, but I’m very passionate about this now and I feel I have learned enough through my own journey to help other runners improve. Get in touch!

Example Week

Mon – Rest
Tues –  6 x 1k reps with Metronome (4.15 min/km)
Wed – Steady 10 Miles (5.30 min/km)
Thu – 10k Tempo with Metronome (4.45 min/km)
Fri – Rest
Sat – 10K Recovery (5.45 – 6min/km)
Sun – Long Run 30K (5.45 – 6min/km)

Lessons Learned

  • Do Your Easy Runs Slower – This is something I’ve read & heard time and time again. It really works. I don’t quite understand the science behind it just yet, but there is a benefit to slowing down. In a full training week, when I run 80K, about 65K is run at a steady or easy pace. The sort of run where you can chat to your friends, take in the surroundings, see what orange things you can spot or just daydream.

  • Cadence – This has made a huge difference to my running. I’ve been working on my cadene (steps per minute) and have slowly increased it week by week. I downloaded a metronome app on my phone which I now use on my efforts sessions and tempo runs, much to the annoyance of a few of my running friends. If you want to get quicker, increasing your cadence is the best and easiest way.

  • Iron Tablets – I had a blood test at my GP and the results suggested I was very anaemic. This partly explained why I had been struggling with my running (combined with being a lazy git and doing absolutely no training). I was prescribed iron tablets and within a few weeks, running felt easier.

Who have I become? Just to clarify this was for a joke, I was tring to replicate a friends selfie!