Everyone loves a running video right?

Ok perhaps not but since picking up my first GoPro it’s something I enjoy.

On this page I’ll be sharing my running videos. At the moment they won’t be offering any advice as I don’t have the qualifications or experience to offer that.

They will be videos of races and training runs. Plus a few fun videos of me winding up my running friends. Something I love to do.

In time I hope to put them to good use by helping runners with their form and improving their times.

But for now it’s just me having a bit of fun.

Rest Day Antics


Keeping myself amused on another day of lockdown. I go a bit potty on days I don’t run.

Westfield 10 Miler


Beautiful sunny day and a glorious run. One of my favourites for a while. Roll on summer. F**k of Corona.

Westfield Recovery & Golfing


Looking for new quieter running routes and golfing to pass the time. I’m not that bad.

Social Distancing


Trying to keep myself busy with no work. Respecting the new Social Distancing requirements too.

Long Run in Eastbourne


Nearly ran off the end of Beachy Head. Ok so that’s an exaggeration but I was scared briefly.

10k Recovery & Strides


Small group as club runs have been cancelled which makes me very sad. Tough times.

Hastings Runners Track Session


A good turnout despite these uncertain times with the Coronavirus causing us concern.

Running with Sarah


Helping my sister get back into running. A few reps around the park on a lovely Spring morning.

Double Run Day


Double Run Day to end a record training week of 88.2km. Used a mentronome for the first time.

parkrun dancers


Messing around with my new GoPro and given some good content by a few of my running friends.

Hastings parkrun


My first ever video using the GoPro. Always inspiring to watch other runners working hard.